DMX Plastics Case Study

DMX Plastics Case Study


ABOUT DMX Plastics

DMX Plastics is a manufacturer of World Class Air Gap Membranes that are used in the fields of waterproofing and flooring. They carry multiple product lines that are available in retail stores.

DMX Plastics originally approached Leanne Kroll for technical illustrations of a product that was to go into a magazine advertisement. Since that time, further technical illustrations of additional products were completed. The client has also commissioned Leanne Kroll for numerous animations. The animations function to easily explain product installations. They are used for tradeshows and online. Various completed projects include:

  • – Technical illustration cutaways for magazines
  • – Technical illustrations for tradeshows
  • – Illustrations for product labels
  • – Installation video animations
  • – Mini-animations to easily explain a product

  • Project Challenge

    DMX Plastics carries products that allow for moisture to wick away from concrete. They needed to show that in various visuals. Part of the challenge was to show the appropriate face of the product while simply explaining to the consumer how the moisture moves out in a 2D or 3D visual.

    Project Solution

    For the 2D solution to this problem, we created a technical illustration that was a cutaway to feature the DMX product. We incorporated a zoom-in callout that showed a side view and how the moisture flows away. In the video animation of a similar product, the camera panned from a perspective view to an almost straight on view to show the same thing with the help of arrows and text.


    “Leanne is a very reliable vendor that I can contact to visualize any of our products. With minimal explanation she understands how it works and provides a process that allows for my review before committing to anything concrete. Her skills in animation help showcase my product and allow me to market it to the consumer very easily.”

    – Steve Sennik, DMX Plastics

    DMX Plastics has been a client since: January 2013

    Leanne Kroll – Technical Illustration & Design Studio
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