Animation Process

Defining Our Process

Our animation process allows for multiple points of client review. As a result, ensure we are on the right track before the final video is completed.

Initial Items Required From You:
As the client, we require a couple of things from you before we can begin your project. These typically include:

  • Script. What is the storyline? We begin the first phase of storyboards based on the approved script. We provide an initial indication of the length of the video.

  • Reference. Typically this means images, however the more forms the better. Any photos you can take of the product or process, other types of website links, similar animations, explanatory notes, etc. would all be of great value.

  • Branding. Sometimes we have animations that require labeling, logos and brand representation. Therefore, we require brand guidelines so we can match your final art to your brand.

  • Timelines. We can work towards a final deadline if we are aware of your timelines. As a result We can set interim deliverables for the various phases.

  • Content. We would require native files if your project includes filmed footage, audio, static images or content already existing. Thus we can review and include them by editing them into our process.

  • Storyboards

    Storyboards allow us to take the script that you have provided and create a visual to go with each scene. It’s an initial phase that allows for some back and forth with initial details without committing to a bulk amount of work. Depending on the animation you are requesting, our storyboard can be digital such as 3D models that are rendered as stills, or basic sketches.


    The animatic is a preliminary version of the storyboard that shows movement of the scenes. This is an opportunity for you to review specific visual details and when they appear in the script. The animatic is a good indication of the timing of the content of the final video. Specific items appearing too slowly or quickly can be changed at this phase. If you are working with talent that is recording audio, we test that in the animatic phase.


    Upon approval of the animatic, the execution of the final animation is completed. This includes any audio content or music tracks, as well as the final sequence of the scenes. For animations built by rendering out 3D models, the time to render the animation is during this phase. The rendered sections are then pieced together with the audio to create your final product.

    Leanne Kroll – Technical Illustration & Design Studio