Technical Illustration

Technical Illustration Process

Defining Our Process

Our technical illustration process allows for two points of client review. Most of all we ensure we are on the right track before the final artwork is completed.

Initial Items Required From You:
As the client, we require a couple of things before we can begin your project. These typically include:

  • Reference. Typically this means images, however the more forms the better. If you have a product to ship us so we can see the real thing, great! If not, take photos to send for reference instead. Any other types of website links, explanatory notes, etc. would all be of great value.

  • Sizing. Depending on where you will be using your final artwork, we may require to know what size you would like to to be created at.

  • Branding. Sometimes we have illustrations that require labeling and logos. In that case we require brand guidelines so we can match your final art to your brand.

  • Timelines. Of course, knowing when you would like it all completed allows us to work towards a final deadline. We will set interim deliverables for the various phases.

  • Content. If your project includes step-by-step instructions or multiple illustrations we would require a document that summarizes the entire content. This typically has the reference images included.

  • Sketches

    We create a concept sketch of your illustration with the reference you provide. We also complete our own additional research. Most of all this depicts the point of view or perspective of the drawing and some basic detailing. It provides you an initial review before we commit to anything digital. Finally, allows an opportunity to completely change the perspective if needed.

    Note: With our ever-changing technology, some technical illustrations do not require sketch drawings to begin. For example, instruction manuals that use isometric drawings or an illustration that would better be suited with a 3D model for a mock-up instead.

    Digital Linework

    Once the initial sketch concept is approved, we complete the digital line drawing. This is typically in vector format and contains all of the details that would be shown in the illustrations. This phase is used to make sure the details are correct and in the proper location. They will flow nicely when created digitally. Before we proceed onto color art, this phase includes adding style by way of line weight hierarchy to the technical illustrations.

    Color Art

    Upon approval of the line drawing, color art is completed based on the initial reference images as well. As a result a realistic representation of your product or process is created including texturing and rendered painting in Photoshop.
    As a result, color brings your illustration to life!

    Leanne Kroll – Technical Illustration & Design Studio